Venezuela Projects

NOTE:  Venezuela is a political and economic mess right now.  The US dollar is extremely valuable as the Venezuelan Bolivar is extremely weak with horrible inflation in the country.  The black market is the only way to get most items needed for survival. 

1. This project supports an orphanage in Naguanagua (near Valencia). It will directly impact approximately 40 children whose age range is weeks old to 18 years old with education and health care and love on an orphanage located on a farm.  WWE support will provide food, medicines, education, uniforms, transportation for education and other necessities for these children.

2. This project is providing education through sponsorship to approximately 29 children in Cagua (near Maracay). These children range in age from 3 to 16 years old, and will be provided with education and basic food supplies, uniforms, transportation to and from school, as well as other necessities.These children are currently enrolled in public schools, which, considering the state of Venezuela right now, is virtually worthless. The goal is to get each and every one into a good private school so they can actually get an education.