Rise Up Kubugu


Rise Up Kubugu is a project which supports the amazing village of Kugubu, in northern Ghana. Even though small, over the years the village of Kubugu has overcome many obstacles, and has worked to help others in their own and neighboring villages

Stella and her son Michael are residents of Kubugu village in Ghana. Also featured is Cookie Monster, a resident of the United States.

Stella and her son Michael are residents of Kubugu village in Ghana. Also featured is Cookie Monster, a resident of the United States.

Worldwide Endeavors has established a project to support their efforts called “Rise Up Kubugu.” Our first visit to Kubugu was in 2000 and over the years we have returned to see all their progress.

Our contact in Kubugu is Pastor Peter. Thanks to advance technology, and efforts to place solar panels in Kubugu, Peter reports via text messages almost weekly to keep us apprised of the current projects. Donations are wired to a bank in Bolgatanga, about 2 hours from Kubugu. Peter accounts for every dollar he spends.

Winkie La Force, project director, liaisons with Peter and reports to Worldwide Endeavors at each of its Board meetings. She tries to visit Kubugu every other year.

This is a unique project since Kubugu is in a rural setting in the deep bush of northern Ghana, and difficult to get to. Once there, one sleeps in huts and eats the “free range” animals. But the energy and love one receives once there, is so worth the long trip.

With western support, the church members built a cement structure for their church. The sacrifices Peter and church members make for their community are unimaginable. They are so resourceful and incredible entrepreneurs. They are positive and always looking to better the lives of those who live in the village.

Several years ago, money was raised for solar panels. This was huge as it provided lights in the church so evening meetings could occur. The church was used for reading lessons for the adults and other community activities.

In Sept. 2012, the village initiated a “pre-school.” This is a novel concept in this area of the country. Pastor Peter and his wife Stella are the individuals who founded and manage the school. This had been an overwhelming success. Approximately 100 preschoolers, Christian and Muslin, attend, and the parents are extremely supportive. The children, and subsequently the parents, learn to read, learn about nutrition and health, manners and respect, sportsmanship and fair play and positive social skills. In addition all children learn English. It has also helped to strengthen a positive relationship among all members of the village.

Currently the efforts are to raise monies to support the many areas of the schools; teachers’ salaries, supplies, curriculum development and teacher training.

After a year and a half the children have excelled in their academic efforts. The outcomes of the students have received much attention from members of the village and neighboring villages. It is a true success story, and we constantly work to make it sustainable.

Please write donation checks to Worldwide Endeavors, 1008 Quiet Woods Pl., Durham, NC 27712 with a notation of Ghana on the memo line.

Email Winkie La Force with any questions winkielaforce078@gmail.com

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