Kenyan Orphan Project


The Kenya Orphan Project supports a cohort of adolescent orphans in western Kenya to continue their education through secondary school.  Although primary school is free in Kenya, high school is not free; tuition and uniforms are expensive and beyond the reach of most orphans, who must drop out to find unskilled work and are often exploited.  Keeping orphans in school provides hope and a future for these vulnerable youth.

The Kenya Orphan Project was initiated in 2010 by PIRE researchers after funding from a National Institkenyan-orphansutes of Health HIV-prevention study ended.  The project is centered in a rural community outside of Kisumu, Kenya.  The program also supports a community school for pre-school to Grade 5 orphans and other vulnerable children to promote a nurturing start to their education.  Pupil to teacher ratios at the Academy are less than half of that found in surrounding primary schools, where 50-60 children are taught by one teacher.  Students are also fed a nutritious lunch and snack every school day.

An onsite tailoring business was recently developed through Kenya Orphan Project investments to subsidize the Academy and promote sustainability.  Several former project youth, sponsored to complete vocational school, are employed there.  This has helped their career development by further honing their tailoring skills, providing a wage, and mentoring them in small business skills.

All gifts to the Kenya Orphan Project are tax deductible.  Checks can be made out to Worldwide Endeavors, 600 Constitution Dr., Durham, NC 27705, with notation in the memo field: Kenya Orphan Project or you can donate through this website.  For more information, contact Denise Hallfors at